HWF supports the Kamehameha Schools Workplace Giving Campaign

The Hawaiian Way fund has partnered with the Kamehameha Schools to support this year's Kamehameha Schools Workplace Giving Campaign! Workplace Giving through the Hawaiian Way Fund is the best way to directly make a difference in the Hawaiian community. Donate directly to the mission of the Hawaiian Way Fund, or select one our many Native Hawaiian nonprofit member organizations. Click the button to get started! If you are not a KS employee, please use the justgive.org option on the left side of this page.

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Because Hawaii Matters


Some things we can’t take for granted in Hawaii. Like the rhythm of an ancient chant, the teaching of a hula move by a dedicated kumu, or the sounds of olelo Hawaii reciting the place names of our island home. No matter who we are, or where we come from, the identity and essence of Hawaii that breathes culture, tradition and knowledge, needs all of us to survive.




Make a Connection... Join the Movement

OliThe Hawaiian Way Fund is a unique cultural and community development fund that connects everyday individuals to the power of Hawaiian culture. Its value finds itself in the expression of local artisans, in its healing capacity for families in need, in its inspiration of youth in finding pathways of strength, and in its influence in all that is Hawaii. We encourage you to make a connection. Join the movement. Make Hawaiian Way Fund your charity of choice!



The Hawaiian Way Fund has one charitable purpose – to enhance the well-being of Hawaii through community-based initiatives founded on Hawaiian culture, knowledge and traditions. The Native Hawaiian world view is grounded in the Hawaiian Islands and adds incredible value to the lives of all who love Hawaii.


We ask for Your Kokua in Supporting 2,000 Years of Good Ideas!

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Supporting the Hawaiian Way Fund!

Bid for beautiful art donated by renowned Native Hawaiian artisans for the HWF Benefit Native Art Auction. Bidding deadline is August 23rd at 2 pm. Winner announcements will be made on August 23rd at 6p during the Maoli Art in Real Time Reception at the 10th Annual Native Hawaiian Convention. Click here to download your bidding forms.